Expansion – Senior Exhibition

Heading in to my senior year in college, we were asked to put on a senior exhibition. My show represented the hypothetical event where the NHL would expand its league to Kansas City. My goal when creating this project was to showcase how I would potentially brand a new franchise from scratch in the NHL.

Growing up, hockey was always a huge piece of my childhood, and I quickly fell in love with it. Whether playing or watching, I found it to be something that I was able to bond with my brother and dad over. As a graphic designer, I wanted to dive into that deep rooted passion to create this show.

Every brand starts with a great logo. I wanted to establish that first in order to keep all of my pieces cohesive, using the same colors and textures. Over time I’ve grown vastly interested in applying digital changes to photos for a certain effect or aesthetic, otherwise known as photoshop manipulation.

Creating pieces that not only spoke for the brand, but were also eye-catching and full of detail was an exciting challenge.

Introducing the Kansas City Stallions:

Inaugural Season Patch

Player Posters

Gameday Graphics

Social Media Animations